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Brand story

“Aru” is a Japanese word that represents a philosophical state of being and existence for things. We believe that our vision for design that unpretentiously lives in our environments traces the same nature of what this word stands for.

Our approach to design

Nowadays we sense that people are starting to question about how our current consumer society is overproducing unnecessary products that have short lives and how we are surrounded by too many of those mass-produced things. While we are living with all the convenience where we are never short of things, people are still not fulfilled by living in an environment that was built by pursuing functionality and efficiency.

“Life” may be a very abstract and generic word to describe but what we believe life is about might be an attitude and how people try to enrich their quality of life by facing each small detail of their daily situations. Our way of thinking about design and craft is the same. We believe in enriching our quality of life through design and this attitude is the pride and the responsibility of artisans, designers and of the people who is involved in craftsmanship.

Our philosophy

Door handles exist in various living environments around the world, and are probably one of the most frequently touched products without being noticed.

Then, it might be that designing door handles can be one of the most unseen way to be part of people’s life around the world and it also means that designing door handles could influence people’s daily experience in big or small scale.

By establishing aru, we are committed to share the richness and warmth that comes from dialoguing our design. For example, just changing the material from metal to wood can change the tone of dialogue due to their material temperature difference. In our opinion, taking in account such a difference or how users may feel when they hold the product in their hands is our care and this is the kind of quality we want to embed in our design. Speaking about the quality of our products, the form that is carved from a block of natural materials tends of have a profound feeling compared to the products made by moulding, and people can feel the life of the materials that comes within form. Furthermore, wood has a great nature for patina and the more an item made of wood is used, the more charming it becomes. Sometimes such qualities are not visible nor tangible but we can only sense them. It is our goal to convey all these atmosphere and dialogues that products create through design.

For the first collection, we aimed for a quiet yet proper presence for the products that naturally blends into the living space. It looks very simple at first glance, but when people hold it in their hands, they may sense all the care we took in its making.

Regarding future activities, we do not necessary follow any patterns to launch new design on a regular basis. But we would rather adjust or add new items to our collections when we feel it is requested.

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